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Borobudur | Mt. Bromo | Komodo | Flores | Raja Ampat

BaliConnection provides private tour services for individuals and groups.

Client may choose various destination based on their own interest, some like to enjoy hills and mountains. Other prefer to enjoy beaches and exploring cultural events.

Operated by qualified personnel, we give you choices of accommodation from moderate hotel to luxury villas combined with Fun and adventure tours in Bali and beyond:

Mount Bromo in East Java; Borobudur temple in Central Java, see the Komodo dragon and 3 colors Lake Kelimutu in Flores island and even Tanjung Putting National Park in Borneo and Raja Ampat in Papua.

We assist you with all your needs.

Sky is the limit…

Why Us

Rare Service

RavingBali is probably the only one travel services in Bali and beyond that offers private tour packages.

Our wealth of experience in bringing forth great services allows us to provide one of the most sought after private tours in Bali and beyond

Well Organized Tour

We will make sure everything is arranged properly, from airport pickup to accommodation and tours so you can relax and enjoy your time

Quick Response

Reliability of the business is first shown from how quick they answer to questions and complaints. Quick response is paramount as one may not have much time to decide.

Based on this idea, makes the utmost effort to respond to your queries and demands in a timely manner


Customized Packages

Besides the tour packages offered, you can also plan your own itinerary. You can choose your own favorite destinations, activities, types of accommodation, and more even freedom to suit the tour for your pleasure.

Want a Private Tour ?

We assist you with all your needs. Sky is the limit…