We extend your destination beyond Bali to see Komodo dragon ,which nominated as The New 7 wonders of the world, in Komodo island.


From Bali to Gili Islands By Fast Boat

Going from Bali to Gili Islands by fast boat has been recommended by many experienced travelers. While travelling by plane will give you comfort, fast boats offer quick transfer from Bali hence it becomes favorite. Travelers who take busses or cars will eventually end...

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Guide on Diving in Gilis

Diving in Gilis must have become a great experience for diver-travelers that ever came to Indonesia. Located on the northern part of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Gili islands or Gilis give you more than just pristine water and gorgeous sea creatures. Divers are...

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Mount Bromo

East Java is one a good destination for your beyond Bali private tours. Come to see the volcanic peak of Mount Bromo (pronounced “bro-moh”) which constantly smokes out sulphurous belch. Sitting inside a large size caldera, the mount is encircled with the...

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