Bali Private Tours in Ubud

Your Bali private tours will be incomplete unless you visit the art center of the island; Ubud (pronounced “oo-bood”). Having been known for a long time as the hub of culture in Bali, Ubud has welcomed even more visitors since the “Eat, Pray, Love” movie released. However, this growing crowded location still keeps a lot of spaces for peaceful retreats.

Strolling Around the Villages
You must remember one scene in the above mentioned movie where Liz is riding her bike then got hit by Felipe’s car? You can see greeneries, rice fields, as well as the river flowing. This beautiful sightseeing is one thing that makes Ubud Bali private tours worth to visit. You can either hike along the path or ride a bike just like what Liz did in the movie. Please ensure that you are guided during your visit to avoid getting lost.

Consult your Bali private tours providers about the route to trek. Then wake up the next day, take a morning walk around the village. Not only rice fields and rivers, you might also want to visit the traditional market. You only need to wear a pair of comfortable foot wares.

Finding Holistic Medications
The natural calm climate of the region has led Ubud to be the center of many holistic healing practices. From massages to herbal medicines, there are many types of treatments you can try. Stop a moment from your long walk and allow yourself to be indulged by spa therapies or acupuncture practitioners.

Then, what about taking yoga classes or meditation course provided in the region? Thanks to the flexibility of Bali private tours services, it will be easy to adjust your yoga classes with your trip schedules.

Searching for More Places
Tampak Siring Palace and Kintamani have also become constant attraction for tourists. The first is known by the pool with magical healing water while the latter is popular due to its amazing lake. Don’t forget to check out the Renaissance Museum of Antonio Blanco or visit Petulu Village. Ask your Bali private tours guides to get more recommendations.

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