Beyond Bali Private Tours: East Nusa Tenggara

Whether you are a beginner or experienced traveler, beyond Bali private tours are something you need to give a do. Start your plan from the nearest region from Bali, i.e. Nusa Tenggara. Pick private tours package to make the most of your vacation and read the following recommendation to give you a glimpse on where you should go.

Labuhan Bajo
Labuhan Bajo (pronounced “lah-boo-han bah-joh”) is located in the west side of Flores, Nusa Tenggara. What makes this site a must visit on your beyond Bali private tours is the fact that it is a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. Enjoy the clean beach and the clarity of water while having a look on beautiful animals and plants you come across while swimming under water.

Komodo Island
Do you believe that dragons really exist? If you don’t, then you must visit Komodo Island to see what living dragons look like. In this dry island, you can see the only prehistoric animals that still live on earth namely komodo (pronounced “koh-moh-doh”) dragons. These animals are carnivorous and dangerous hence you should be guided by the park rangers during your visit.

Coming to Komodo Island will certainly become a great experience and add the value of your beyond Bali private tours.

Mount Kelimutu
Enough with the beaches? Try to climb Mount Kelimutu of 1,639 meter above sea level to find the most amazing view you have ever seen. What makes the mount special is that it has three craters containing different colors of water. It is also said that although the most common hues displayed are red, green and blue, the colors of the crater’s water always change.

All of those tourist destinations mentioned above are situated in East Nusa Tenggara. You can leave for Komodo Island from Bali by plane in just 90 minutes. Otherwise, you can challenge yourself to go by boat to reach the island. Always consider to ask the travel consultants to get the best way enjoying your beyond Bali private tours.

Image Credit: In The Sky Photography

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