Beyond Bali Private Tours: Visiting Flores

Deciding to take beyond Bali private tours is often a great challenge for new travelers yet it is worth the value. Travelers can start their journey by leaving for Flores island, the widest island of Nusa Tenggara. Look at your map to find that the island is just located near Bali.

Flores was popular in the world since an archeologist discovered the fossil of Homo Floresiensis, which is supposed to live in the island 12,000 year ago. To be compared to Bali, Flores is less crowded that it is perfect place to start your beyond Bali private tours. However, it does not mean that you will find it hard to find modern facilities; hotels, spas and transportation systems are made in such way to make your journey easier.

Flores is divided by a range of volcanoes, which then becomes a geographical barrier for each district in the region. Christianity has been known as major religion in this area, as a result of past colonialism of Portuguese and Dutch governments. However, various ancient beliefs also found to occur in many places in Flores; some interesting research facts for anthropologists.

You can start your beyond Bali private tours by hiking the volcanoes. Learn the trekking path and follow the instruction given by the officers. Enjoy your adventurous hike with a strong mettle as well as perfect preparation. Otherwise, if you are not a mountain climber, you can challenge yourself to dive the sea. Snorkeling, on the other hand, has been many people’s choice.

And some people are right that there is nothing beat the comfort of lying lazily on the beach. You can simply relax, feel the breeze and watch the beautiful waves come and go. Don’t forget to have a drink and enjoy your skin being tanned by rays of the beach sun.

There are so many activities you can try while enjoying your vacation days in this island. Coming to Flores via beyond Bali private tours will surely enrich your travelling experiences.

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