Travel Around With Bali Private Tours

Embarking on Bali private tours means that you are going to have personalized services to visit some interesting places in Bali. Besides doing your own research on finding the nicest spots, you will have to collect information from more experienced travelers. Alternatively, you can read below some of many favorite destinations to visit in Bali.

Nusa Dua
Enjoy your time while having Bali private tours in Nusa Dua (pronounced “noo-saa dooh-wa”) by giving a try to all kinds of water sports available on site. Otherwise, allow your poetic moods to be enhanced by the rush of waves by simply relaxing on the beach. Riding on a banana boat or a jet ski feels as good as enjoying your meal under the palm trees.

To have another touch of relaxation, you can visit spa centers available in many hotels in the region. Finding quality accommodations in Nusa Dua is also easy due to the fact that (almost) all hotels in this area are rated five star.

Tanah Lot
Looking at the sunset over the horison while sitting on the beach sounds ordinary now. However, this assumption shall be vanished when your Bali private tours drive you to Tanah Lot (pronounced “taa-naah lot”). Being encircled by fabulous overhangs, the sea looks extraordinary. Golden waves come hitting the rock, temples over the hills, and the sky turning into red…all of these will create a new sunset experience in your life.

Kuta Beach
Want to click silhouettes during the sunset hour? Then you must put Kuta (pronounced “koo-taah”) as one of the places to visit in your Bali private tours list. Crowded as it is, Kuta seems to be the most favorite beach for young travelers. What makes it so popular, then? Firstly, it is the nearest beach around the airport; secondly, you do many things—from tanning, shopping to dining—in the area.

Beside those famous three locations mentioned above, there are many other spots you can stop at. Ask your Bali private tours consultants for a good recommendation and head to the places right away to spend your vacation days.

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