Borobudur Temple

Looking for the best site for your beyond Bali private tours? You can turn your face to Magelang, Central Java, where the Buddhist temple called Borobudur (pronounced “boh-roh-boo-dûr”) is located.


Beyond Bali private tours in Borobudur means that you will have to learn about, at least a little bit, the history of the construction. The temple was built in the era of Samaratungga, the king of Old Mataram, and finished in 824. The name “Borobudur” is supposed to have something to do with the fact that the temple depicted a mountain having many budhara (terraces).

When the ruling power of the dynasty moved from Central to West Java in 920, the temple left neglected. Volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters that occurred destroyed the beauty of the construction. Thanks to a lot of attempts of restoration that has regained the look of Borobudur Temple.

Why Borobudur?

Millions of people come to see the temple that has 1,460 panels of relief and about 504 effigies. The fact that the temple is now acclaimed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site has made the temple to receive more attentions from travelers around the world. Another interesting fact about Borobudur is that it is known as the oldest temple in South East Asia.

You can take a photo of a beautiful sunset and sunrise over the temple or simply stroll around with your fellow travelers. Make your beyond Bali private tours complete by purchasing souvenirs from the shops located around the complex.

Do not forget to bring a bottle of mineral water and wear sunblock if you visit during the day. Stay in one of the nearest hotel in around the temple area. This is important to cut the cost of transportation and entry fees. Make a good preparation for beyond Bali private tours in Borobudur since it will be a lifetime memory.