RavingBali General Fishing in Alor Island

Fishing in Alor Island

Allow your adventurous spirit to be challenged by fishing in Alor Island. Although it was considered as having low infrastructures, Alor is now much a ready place to go.

Where is It?

Alor is located between Flores and Sawoe Sea with a neighboring strait that has all appeals for tourists. The pristine water of the sea hides various kinds of fish you can bait. The sea still has a lot of coral thanks to sustainable fishing promoted by the local government.

Another thing that makes fishing in Alor Island interesting is the fact that the fishing location is not so far from the land. With the depth of about 120 meter, the fishing spot is ideal for jigging and popping styles.

How to Get There?

You can book a plane ticket to Kupang from Jakarta, Surabaya or Denpasar. Once you arrive in Kupang, resume flying to Alor via Transnusa Air.

If you come from Jakarta or Surabaya, it is better to check the flight schedule of Transnusa since the plane departs in different hours during the week. Adjust the schedule with your flight to home. This is to ensure you getting the connecting flight back to your home rather than letting you stay overnight.

Travelling – Fishing Tips

Plan your fishing in Alor Island adventure by making a contact to trusted travel consultants. Let them find the best fishing operators to guide you. Seasoned consultants are able to locate experienced teams such that to ensure the quality of your fishing experience.

Good fishing operators should have both quality crews and modern technology. Well trained crews will manage the boat to move in such way to support your fishing styles. On the other hand, modern equipments make your fishing easier and enhance your opportunity to have a nice catch.

Sport fishing is all about a good teamwork. Therefore, please ensure that you will come together with friendly and reliable crews while you are fishing in Alor Island.