From Bali to Komodo via Lombok

It is nice to know that you, boat lovers, can go from Bali to Komodo via Lombok with a boat. Many tourists choose this type of transportation regardless the fact it may take some time to reach the island. Not to mention the isolated island does not have a port where ferries can drop their tourists off.

Going to Komodo Island

The island may not give you many facilities and it feels like, as a tourist, you are being neglected. Indeed, Komodo Island is more suitable for an adventurous journey rather than a luxurious trip. Mettle is required, not only to watch the dragons from close distance but also to travel around the island. The rewards will worth your sacrifice, though, as a lot magnificent things you can find there.

Reaching Lombok

To get to Komodo Island by boat, first, you must reach Lombok. You can take a ferry from Padang Bai Port in Bali then drop off in Lombok. Public ferries tend to be crowded and have minimum facilities. The ticket fare is cheap yet the departure time subjects to delay. A faster option will be fast boat service—something you can expect to give a more comfortable journey.

Getting to Flores

The journey does not end in Lombok, though. From this island, you still have to travel across to Sumbawa then take a road trip to Sape, which is located at the eastern part of the island. Please kindly note that boats from Sape to Komodo operates once a week (usually Saturday).

You can take another alternative, i.e. travelling to Labuhan Bajo and spend a day or two there. It is easier to get Komodo Island from Labuhan Bajo as the ferries to Komodo depart more often.

In Komodo Island, you will be dropped at a small fishing vessel rather than a harbor. The island is still quiet as only about a thousand people living in it. There are still many wild animals such as boars and deer, which may pass you. The journey from Bali to Komodo via Lombok is, indeed, quite tiring yet the holiday experience you get will just worth it.