From Lombok to Gilis by Boat

Planning a journey from Lombok to Gilis by boat could be tricky for some travelers. They might hesitate to choose which type of boat to take. Here is some guidance for confused travelers on choosing sea transport.

About the Services

Get out of Lombok airport, find a travel agent that sells a boat ticket to Gilis. You may try to find one near the airport or alternatively, you can take a taxi or bus to Bangsal Port and book a ticket there.

Travel agencies typically offer private boat services while Koperasi Angkutan Laut (Sea Transport Cooperative), which is located in Bangsal, is the only bureau providing public boat tickets.

Public Boats

Price differentiation for tickets applies, in which afternoon services will charge you higher tariff. Therefore, it is recommended to leave for the port in the morning for the best price. The boats will normally depart in the afternoon, however, check the schedule for the boat coming back to Lombok.

Coming early in the morning will grant you with another benefit, that is, a shorter waiting time. The boat will run after it is filled up with passengers. Since the port becomes crowded at noon, you will have to wait longer—because the line at the ticket booth will become longer.

Private Boats

The best thing you can expect from booking a chartered boat is a more comfortable trip. There is no need to wait or jostle with another traveler. Find an operator or a travel agency offering a transfer from Lombok to Gilis by boat as you can find many of them in the port.

The cost is, as you expect, higher than that of public boat yet you can share the boat charge with other passengers you meet in the way. Another method to cut the cost is by patiently negotiating with the agent. This may take your time, though, especially if you are not really an expert in negotiation.

Finding a nice deal on chartered boats can be tricky at times, hence it is best to trust it to skilled party. As many beyond bali private tour agencies provide direct transfer from Lombok to Gilis by boat, arranging your trip with them will save your time and money.