Nilo Statue in Maumere

Since it was built in around 2004, the statue of Mary (or Nilo Statue, as it is located in Nilo Village) has attracted many tourists that visit Maumere, Flores. The copper statue depicts the Virgin Mary standing with approximately 18 meters in height, not included the base of the statue that stands about 28 meters high.

About the Statue

Nilo statue is situated at the top of Keli Hill in Nilo, Flores. It is claimed as the highest statuette in the district. Rubiah Pasonis Sister and Priests are named as the parties who set up the idea of making the hill as a pilgrimage site. Many people are now travelling from around the world to see the figurine, particularly in May and October.

About a few minutes’ drive from the Nilo Statue of Virgin Mary, you will find a large figure of Jesus Christ in a place called Bukit Golgotha (Golgotha)—the site’s name is to be related with the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. There are 14 stops along the road to Bukit Golgotha, which helps pilgrims to commemorate the tragic event.

The Landscape

Being surrounded by magnificent landscape, the pilgrims will feel a tremendous calmness that enhances the feeling of that sacred moment. The Nilo Statue of Mary stands on the 1,600 meter above sea level, facing the shore. The pilgrimage site could be the best spot to view the town.

Getting in the pilgrimage site of Nilo Statue is easy as you only need to register. It is suggested to bring snacks and fresh water during your trip since there are only a few shops in the area.

Getting In and Out

Staying in Maumere will require you to spend extra budgets, considering the fact that inns and eateries in this town are mostly pricy. It will be better if you research and book a hotel room before coming to the city.

To reach Nilo statue, you must rent a car because no taxi operates in Maumere. The price of the rent could be very costly hence you need to patiently negotiate with them. The negotiation could be tough and takes time, especially if you cannot speak Indonesian. Ojek (motorcycle-taxi) can be a good alternative in case you do not bring too much luggage.

To visit Nilo Statue of Mary, you can depart from Denpasar to Maumere by plane. Make sure that you book a return ticket since it will be a little difficult to get a ticket back to Denpasar.