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BaliConnection provides private tour services for individuals and groups, Operated by qualified personnel.

Plan your journey with a Bali private tour agency that allows you to travel outside the island. This could be your choice if you want to explore more diving spots in the adjacent provinces.


There are several advantages you can expect from making reservation with a Bali private tour agency. First, your trip will become more resourceful as the agency takes the responsibility to research the best diving operators and seek for recommended diving points. Your journey is bound to be hassle-free. There is no worry about finding an agency and check out for another reservation.

Second, while saving your time on a research, the Bali Private tour agency will save your money as well. You should consider how much it will cost you if you have to seek for diving agencies, which may include transportation and accommodation costs.

Some diving agents usually give discounted prices to travel agencies or in other words, lower prices than they usually charge on direct clients. This discount shall be passed to clients, resulting to a nice deal on your side.

Which One?

Many private agencies in Bali include diving journey in Lombok as a part of their tour packages. Be sure to choose only a reliable agency that has enough experiences in planning diving trips. They may not be the one who send you to the diving points and prepare your diving equipments but they will choose quality partners to arrange those things for you. As a good company helps their business, a trusted Bali private tour agency will never put your comfort and safety at stake.

Choosing a trusted Bali private tour agency is indeed the first and foremost step to do if you want to have a happy journey. Be it a diving trip or another type of excursion, make sure that you are fully supported by great personnel. Such is important to make yourself feel safe during your excursion.