Mount Bromo

East Java is one a good destination for your beyond Bali private tours. Come to see the volcanic peak of Mount Bromo (pronounced “bro-moh”) which constantly smokes out sulphurous belch. Sitting inside a large size caldera, the mount is encircled with the sea of fine sand. Strangely, as opposed to this scenery you will see lush greeneries of the valley sheltered the caldera.


For people living in tropical countries, the temperature of Mount Bromo is regarded as cold since it rarely goes above 20 degree centigrade during the day. This number may even drop near to zero degree centigrade at night.

Avoid setting up your beyond Bali private tours to Mt. Bromo around January and February because most parts of the area are usually flooded.

Cultural Adventure

After taking a few snapshots of the volcano, you may want to trail back to the village and watch a cultural ceremony held by the people. The ceremony is not established every day, though. However, if you come in the 12th month of Javanese Calendar there is a chance that you can watch kasodo (pronounced “kah-soh-doh”). This is an annual ceremony held by local people to ask for flourishing harvests.

If you are interested to include this celebration in your beyond Bali private tours’ list, you may have to request the date of kasodo ceremony from the Tourism Office of East Java.

Going to the Lakes

Enjoy the calmness of Ranu and Regulo Ranupani lakes before you climb Mount Semeru, the neighboring mount of Bromo. Even if you do not attempt to climb the mount, these beautiful lakes are worth to visit. Reach the village of Ranupani, which is situated in the south of Mount Bromo, by bicycles or other means of transportations. You will find that your ride is worth the vibrant beauty of the lakes, and even the village itself.

Given the fact that the area is both culturally and naturally rich, beyond Bali private tours in Bromo is more than a sheer mountain climbing.