About Us

RavingBali is the brainchild of Agus, a Javanese who has been in Bali’s tourism industry since 1988. Being a tour guide for years, he found tourists were longing for a more personalized type of tour; a tour that allows them to pick up their own favorite destinations rather than to follow a pre-made tour plan, a tour that suits their budget and time.

This is how the idea of the private tour service unraveled. Started from Bali, he is now able to serve many routes beyond the island. Among the destinations are Lombok, Flores, Gili Islands, Java, Sulawesi, and Raja Ampat in Papua.

Private tours have become a favorite that is chosen by many international tourists when they spend their time in this island of gods. By choosing tours in private, travelers will find it easier to arrange the itinerary based on his or her need.

You Decide the Place and Time

Choosing us as your way to travel will diminish the possibility of getting annoyed with late fellow travelers or missing beautiful places you really like to see. You must remember how it felt when you joined in a group tour and found out that only one out of four tourist destinations you marked as worth to visit? This will never happen again if you choose to go for private tours since you will be the one who select the places.

You Save the Money

Another benefit you will obtain by making your Bali and beyond tours private is the fact that you can save your money. Since the type of tour is fully tailored to meet your personal need, you will never spend a dime for something you do not want to pay.